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Agency Founder Program

We teach marketing agency founders how to start creating opportunities with their dream clients without relying on other people.

The process and knowledge is designed so that if you want to then hire or outsource, they can better brief and manage that resource.

Why you should join

Good agencies grow organically through word of mouth spreading about the quality of their work. Clients talk about the agency to their friends, change jobs or word gets out by other means.
However there comes a point with every agency where this type of growth hits a ceiling; you can’t keep growing organically forever (at least not consistently with the right type of clients for each stage of growth).
That’s when the founder/owner (who typically doesn’t have a sales background) needs to proactively start approaching new brands that don’t know them. The question is “how?”

What does it involve?

We help agency founders unearth the right messaging for their agency and coach them on how to take it to market via a sustainable and consistent growth strategy.
This isn’t a ‘done for you’ silver bullet solution – we teach founders how to grow their agencies themselves without relying on an external resource or having to learn through trial and error. 
Our approach is to get you from A to Z as quickly as possible and only teach you the most important stuff. More effective, repeatable across any type of agency and it actually works!

How does it work?

We run a 12 week/12 module program designed to keep your workload consistent but manageable. The knowledge in the program means you can take control of your agency’s new client direction once and for all.
The course is broken down into 4 weeks of concept, 4 weeks of execution and 4 weeks of winning the work. Each 4 week period is spaced with a video call (4 calls total).
The aim is to take the learnings from the online component, complete the activities and then use the calls to troubleshoot, ask advice or get help with creative direction and execution.

Time To Grow Your Agency Properly?

Andrew McLaughlin

Still Not Sure
Where To Start?

If you’ve got a specific situation or objective, feel free to get in touch. We can sometimes provide custom solutions to agency growth challenges.