You’re a
not a salesperson...

...but you still need new clients.

When you start an agency, you win
your first handful of clients by doing
good work

But you get to a
point where you need clients
with higher budgets to grow the agency

Let’s be honest,
you’re not going to
start cold calling

You could hire a BDM or
a sales agency...

...but without having done the
job yourself, how are you going
to brief them?

There’s no silver bullet.

You need to learn
what works, and quick

And that’s where
we come in

so effectively you could sack the sales guy
All without:
Buying Paid Ads
Selling Your Soul
Here's how:

Agency Founder Program

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Programs built for you, the agency owner who is looking for a long-term, sustainable way to grow your agency.

In our Agency Founder Program, we’re sitting right next to you the whole way while we help you understand and build your pipeline.

Shift your mindset from lead generation to opportunity creation Build messaging your future client actually cares about Decide where it's best to speak with your future client Build out your conversation starter and continuation strategy Press play and start creating opportunities only your agency can win
The Program Moves At Your Pace
And Is Tailored To Your Agency.

In 10 years

We’ve worked with over 200 agencies

And we’ve won over

$100 m with brands



There isn't a 'quick win' when it comes to building a pipeline of the right type of clients for your agency.

There is, however, a process you can follow to ensure you take an offer to the market that a) they will be receptive to and b) matches what your agency is good at/can deliver.

This isn't opinion; it's the objective process any agency should be going through in order to create their lead gen/growth strategy.

Step 1




Many agencies sell based on what they see as easiest or most profitable. Selling in this way is a trap, and often leads to problems with closing, resource or deliverables (or all 3).

Mapping out current, past and projected capabilities, and prioritising your strongest foot to put forward is the first step any agency (or any business) needs to take before going out to market.

Step 2




Once you've got your capability mapped, you need to look at who you want to do this for in the future. That starts by looking at who you're doing it for now and who you've worked with previously.

Once you've decided the market you want to work with, you need to think about who within those companies is a likely contact and how can you get in contact with them.

Step 3




If you want to capture your market's attention, you'll need an angle (a hypothesis of messaging they'll be interested in). An angle needs to be something that really only your agency can say/is saying.

Bundling that angle within a creative idea of how to communicate that with your prospect is the difference between generic and unique in the agency world. The best agency message in the world means nothing if it's unnoticed by ideal clients.

Step 4




By this step, you should have arrived at your most sellable service, the market most likely to buy that service from you and what's going to make you stand out from the crowd. It's time to take action.

This step involves building a database, creating your supporting collateral, initiating contact, following up and testing. This step lives or dies by organisation, consistency and patience. Record everything, stick to your cadence and don't give up. Trust the process.

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